Getting Crafty

Wanna kill about 6 hours? Lol Seriously, my daughter and I spent about 6 hours total (2 Saturday and 4 today) working on these two crafts. The penguin family still needs their wings and feet glued on, but their houses are adorable. (The craft is from Youtube and the houses are plastic bottles.) And we had some good learning and bonding time. God is very good and we have a lovely Christmas memory. Oh how we love celebrating Jesus’ birthday!!❤❤❤

We Rocked Today

There is little that is more completely exhilarating than a family team project where everyone works together on a project and accomplishes something bigger. Today, we did that and the results are beautiful and will last. Even if the rocks give way over time, we have that unified bonding memory together. It is beautiful! God is so very good!!❤

A Beautiful Visit

When you need a rest, why not take one without any tech and with a friend or with family? Just a picnic or a visit and chat or just a road trip enjoying God’s scenery will do.

That is what we did today and it was beautiful! Lovely to see the last of my grandparents’ generation. I got to visit with the sweetest ladies, my Great Aunt Evelyne and Ellen, her roomate. They are in their 80’s and still full of life and spirit and love. Both are retired missionaries to Haiti, having worked together to minister and work an orphanage. My great aunt had never married and Ellen’s husband died some years ago. And our day with them was peaceful and encouraging and uplifting. People who neglect our forebears do themselves and these wise people an injustice. How beautiful our day!!! How we live them!!❤

Rare Date Day

My son is at his dad’s for the weekend and my husband is busy with an amp and monitor repair, so I have the golden, rare opportunity to take my daughter on a date. So we are going to the children’s museum and then to a late lunch. I have been keeping score for my son’s baseball team’s games, so she has been away from me a bit and we need time together. Kids need time feeling like they are the sole captors of your attention and love. It is vital to their core memory group to help anchor them when they are on their own and life gets really rough. So off we go and all the best to you on your special day. And if it isn’t, you’re not looking hard enough. 😉 Love you!

Refreshing Vacationing

My husband surprised us with a surprise vacation. There is very little which surpasses such a level of happy for me than that. We needed to get away, we needed to be somewhere else together. And we did so. It was felicity! If you love someone, show them by taking them somewhere, it doesn’t have to be elaborate or very costly (it will cost something, everything does), but it is well worth the effort and planning and will result in a refreshing of the soul and deeper bond than before. We all needed that and we so appreciate it. Thank you, God!!

The Power of Dinner

When we sit down together, with our family or friends or both, there is a definite bond that happens. There is something special about preparing a meal and eating it together while catching up. It bonds you. It shows you aspects of each other you can draw greater appreciation and understanding of. It also sheds light on aspects one areas n of disagreement but far more often allows a tighter stitch in the tapestry of friendship. It is a kicked back time, a relax and enjoy no matter what else is going on time. It betters you, giving u ou opportunities to serve and enjoy good food together. Had such a night tonight and am so grateful for the time spent together! God is so good to provide rich friendships. Every effort spent on furthering it or serving others is very well spent. 🙂

Grabbing Joys Not Toys

Everything that distracts does not improve joy. Getting the best and brightest toys out does not produce joy. They run counter to each other. The more you have, the more you seem to want and all the things distract the eyes and the mind from people who miss a good conversation.There is joy in speaking with someone and sharing thoughts, your day, ideas. There is great sadness in solitude and tech socialization is not the best substitute for it. The next best thing costs a lot of money. It is quite freeing to sit instead and have a cup of coffee with a friend or take your kid out to the park. These things build memories and bonding and character and love. Tech is cold and heartless and can never give you a warm hug. So rather than the newest new thing, my money will be going into outings and vacations and dates and investing in people I love.