Babies in the Church

My pet peeve in churches these days is a church full of babies. I do not mean the beautiful little creations of God that warm your heart and give you joy when they laugh or torture you when they cry. No, I love those babies. The babies I am growing very tired of are the babies in the church who are actually full grown people but who have never worked on their relationship with the Lord themselves but somehow want to throw tantrums if they don’t get their way and force everyone to keep feeding them milk rather than real food. It sickens my soul now to see adults who refuse to mature in the Lord. It is my belief that every person who is a Christ follower in truth and practice and joy will definitively read God’s Word for themselves and pray Ina running conversation with the Lord and meditate on His Word, etc. of their own volition. Everyone who is truly the Lord’s follower will take the responsibility of following the Lord on their own daily. Those who do not and refuse to grow, I wonder at the validity of their claim. I wonder if those are planted by the enemy to do harm and not good. I wonder about those people and what their purpose is in claiming something they seem to want nothing to do with. The church is not a social audience for the sake of being a social audience. It is supposed to be the hands and feet of our Lord, reach the lost, work for the Lord and each other. These babies in maturity are like spoiled selfish parts of the body that refuse to do their job unless they are pampered and coddled and entertained in just the right way. Like a finger that refuses to bend and lift and insist that the toes are responsible for the toes’ job as well as the bending and lifting of their finger. I guess I am wanting people to do their jobs. Can you imagine a world where everyone does their part and grows the way we are called to do? I think everyone would want to be a part of a body like that. It should be a goal of everyone’s to read their Bibles and pray and grow. But as I cannot ever change everyone but myself, all that I am responsible for is to help inform those who choose to listen and be sure as sure can be that I myself and reading my Bible and praying and worshipping and praising every day and pray that you will join me. Please join me.

Wake Up

We have fallen asleep. How is that possible? How can it be that a successful bunch of folks Spiritually (those who are intelligent enough to accept the gift of salvation through Christ) could possibly become complacent at worst and mediocre at best? I am not talking individuals, I am speaking collectively. How can it be that the body of Christ followers have let their love grow cold? Could it be that we are no longer thankful for our salvation? Could it be that our excitement has died down because so many theatrics have become more exciting? Surely been there, done that philosophy wouldn’t enter the church of God, would it? Could it be that we would be more excited about Spiritual matters if we didn’t have so many distractions? Could it be that our First Love is no longer our first love? There are some amazing people out there who love the Lord with all they have doing all the work and serving those who are supposed to be the same way but now seem to have better things to do. Those called to serve are doing so but now have themselves as the subject of their service instead of the Lord and His church body. When any of the parts of the body become unwilling to do their part, other parts of the body that are meant to do something else try to cover for them, and when that happens, they eventually burn out because they are not made for that role and thus struggle in it. It is imperative that the church get back to it’s First Love and start showing appreciation for its salvation. We are sorely needed by our fellow church body members and our country. If we don’t get it to get her and do right, everyone suffers. We are called to live, worship and serve joyfully and in constant prayer. It is imperative that we rise to that high calling before we’ve lost our chance.

A Conscience Clear is a Conscience Dear

To have a conscience that is clear before the Lord, to act in obedience with what you believe the Holy Spirit is guiding you to do is the absolute best feeling in the world. I just want to celebrate for a moment because I did what no one else in a church did. I stood up for truth. I called sin sin and called a lie a lie and demanded that it be addressed. Other people’s advice was to “pray and trust God to take care of it”. Which is fine and good unless you actually want something to change. Yes, God can do anything He wants to and can work supernaturally to effect change and does so all the time. Most often, though, truth be told, he works through people who obey Him. If your Spirit is telling you to act, you must act. We are responsible for our own consciences. If you are burdened to pray only and not act, then by all means pray and do so diligently. But if you believe with all your heart that God is calling you to pray and act, then by all means, you had better do it. Until I did, I was conflicted. After I stood for truth, I feel at peace and content. Now, we all have sin. We are not supposed to judge others lest we be judged. I get that and agree with that. However, our watered down, impure version of God’s holy church has become so by good people allowing these behaviors to happen. If you don’t call them out in the body of believers, like we are called to do, we are sinning. Sometimes we have to act, pure and simple.
Interacting with the world and spreading the Good News of Christ should have a very strong emphasis on the Good News and not opinions about manner or behaviors. We should tell people what we are for because it matters little what we personally are against. Those interested can read the Bible for themselves and the Holy Spirit will help that person studying to know right and wrong and discern for themselves. However, within the body, we need to keep each other in check sometimes, especially when some are in leadership positions. Screw ups left unaddressed become stumbling blocks for any sharing of the Gospel and hurt the church and it’s body members. And each of us should be wise enough to know that we are humans and humble enough to be approachable if someone sees us doing something that may be harmful to the body of Christ, His church. There is sometimes a laziness, sometimes a fear to act or speak up as to not offend or keep the peace or maintain the status quo. This bothers me. Sometimes we are called to act because it will help in the present and/or the future of the church body. There are times of peace and times of war. We are being waged war against, whether you choose to acknowledge it or not, and we will be judged according to how we responded to the call to just pray or to pray and act. There must be accountability. When that goes, so goes the moral standards and so goes any credibility we had left. It is imperative that we obey. It’s not as if anything is owned by anyone anyway. Everything is God’s and it is only through His great goodness and patience that He sustains any of us, especially those who say He isn’t even there. We will all see Him soon, and I for one would love to do so with as clear a conscience as is possible.