A Bit Spoiled

In life, we can count our woes and regrets or we can count our joys and blessings. This is our choice. Always, this choice is our freedom to make. Right now even. And we are always being pushed to the first option by an enemy that wants us dead. We are presented with many other grumblers, more bad things, gossips with other people’s bad stuff, etc. While this remains, it is still truth that we choose what to focus on, what lens we will choose to see life through. We can be coerced but it stands always that the final decision how life is going is ours alone. My decision is mine. Yours is yours. And I choose to see myself as a bit spoiled by God, living in America the free and brave, able to go to church, able to play piano, living in an air conditioned home with my family, having a car to drive, playing baseball with my kids, teaching them school, having a doctorate, mist importantly being saved from my sins by Jesus Christ my Savior, etc. I am more than a bit spoiled. And I choose to be blessed and see the truth of every blessing and joy God has lovingly seen fit to provide me. Everyone has a different lot in life. I could have been born to an impoverished large third world family with no Bible, a cardboard home and little opportunity to improve. Many possible positions and situations for me to live in were possible. Yet, He smiled on me with filtered running water, electeicity, a yard to plant a garden in, a dog, sewing skills, etc. I am so very blessed! I am spoiled by my Heavenly Father. And this is how we need to see the world.😄❤

Thinking of Buchanan, MI

I often think of and ponder my hometown of Buchanan, MI, in the Southwest corner of Michigan. It is a beautiful town, largely rural and lovely with a rippling brook going through the town center. And it is a sweet, wonderful town with a sweet shop and local grocery store and all of 5 lights, I think. You can get across town in 5-8 minutes and the landscape is quaint and peaceful. Nice high school with two tennis courts. McCoy creek park had baseball and softball diamonds and the creek and bridges and playground and a great sledding hill in winter. Such a sweet area. And the church I grew up in (still going, with family and church family I still love) was Buchanan Christian Church with three full stories and a great parking lot we rode bikes in and a great park across the street. It was a great place to live. It is still a great place to live. God blessed me with Buchanan, Michigan. God blessed me so much. I am exceedingly grateful.

Working the Day Long

I didn’t walk this morning. Because I knew we would be working all day long. And we did. And I am exhausted. And this has been every day since hurricane Irma stopped by. And this is wonderful. We are all working together as a family and community. It is great. I love hard work. I have been burnt, tired, muscles well used, useful, truly happy every day. And every day God has poured out blessings for us. Today we had a family of titmouse birds visiting our bird feeder. And a woodpecker. And many butterflies and hummingbirds visited us. It is beautiful. I am truly happy and so very blessed by our loving God who loves us so well and beautifully. 😄 ❤ 

Back to the Grind

Now into Monday, we are back to the grind, school in full force, the handyman is back to change out the doors and locks, something sorely needed (as it has become almost a challenge to get out lol) and led lights will up on the now screened in porch for lighting. So we can start using it in the evenings! And cooking and cleaning and normal stuff today and most of the week. I love being home and feel so blessed to be able to be. God blesses so much and I am so thankful. Have a beautiful, blessed day, friend!! ❤

A New Reason to Be Thankful: No Gluten Allergy

I am thankful that no one in my family is allergic to gluten. Kathleen and I (refusing to pay someone $16 per peraon to make me some tea lol) are hosting a tea party tomorrow for my friend and her daughter at our house. And we attempted to make gluten free cookies so my friend could participate. We used oat flour and it tastes delicious but it is more of a crumble rather than a cookie. Gluten is the glue that holds ingredients together. So I am thankful normal flour works for my family. It will work out, though, because I am getting vanilla ice cream and we will crumble the cookies on top. All good. 😄❤