Black or White

Either you have or want a relationship with Yahweh/God or don’t. This is black and white. Gray is not an option. It really is the best decision in the world to make that contrite decision to have that stabilizing, loving relationship with our loving Creator, the Almighty God of the universe. And no matter what you believe, that is the truth. And choosing to believe it or not almost comical, like deciding that the color white is indeed white versus deciding to proudly say that white is orange and screaming that haughtily at the sky as if that makes it so. Why thr Bible rightly proclaims, “A fool says in his heart that there is no God.” It is a fact that not only does God exist but that He loves us and wants to have a relationship with every precious person He lovingly made on purpose. And Jesus is our way. It is black and white.

Gray is a hypothetical construct to make people feel better without the discomfort of committing to something that makes you feel guilty about still sinning doing things you want to do that are not really eternally good for you. Gray sucks. And God says He hates gray, it will be spewed out of His mouth, He says.

Love Him or don’t and be very careful about don’t. That decision has eternal consequences. And it is such an incredible joy and peace to be close to Yahweh/God! God is worthy of our effort and praise and certainly our trust. He is worthy of all praise!❤

Black Friday

I have never shopped ever on Black Friday. I have gone out people watching because seiously it is more contact fouls than a college football game. But lately it is more mean than funny and I think that is because of the rise in selfishness and my, ahem, “maturity”. Ok, I am feeling older now. But I ahem ways laughed ahemlwayst the marketing geniuses who got so many to buy into the “get it now for the cheapest price but hurry or you’ll miss it and never get it again” ploy. I am reminded of my husband’s quote, “It’s always on sale.” So true. And if you risk injury to get the perfect gift for that special someone, maybe their or your expectations are a wee bit high. Lol. But all that noise is nor my cup of tea anymore. I prefer peace. I really dig peace in my life and I am at a point where it characterizes me. Mostly, still a bit of a struggle sometimes, I am such a fighter, but I reserve the fight for the real battles and fight mostly on my knees in prayer now. (Love “War Room”!!!) So, peace to you today. And please pare down the gifts this year so we aren’t distracted by the fantastic birthday we are celebrating. If we are peaceful and quiet, maybe we can hear him cooing in the manger. Maybe we can remember the sweet momma and baby and stepdad that birthed and raised our precious Savior. Yes, I can hear it and smell the livestock smells and hear them talking about their sweet little baby. Much better than a grab race, eh? 😄❤

Church Atmosphere Black and White vs Gray

There is a wide range of church atmospheres and personalities within specific groupings of church families. Their styles are as diverse as people in the world are because a church is the people. There are different focuses, though most Christian churches seem to have almost identical mission statements. How they go about getting there differs. I want to focus for a moment on black and white churches versus gray churches. By black and white I mean that there is a distinct right and wrong and that is the way it should be. And the gray churches accept variations of middle ground and relative right and wrong, etc. Most churches wanting to draw in a huge population with a huge budget, fame, and fortune adopt a more gray mentality and approach. They reason that getting people in the door is the goal, being “seeker friendly” and figure we will offer steps to correct grayness once they are in and attached. They have dramatic presentation, pretty lights, a show and the gospel preached. The black and white churches tend to focus on specific morality rather than drawing huge crowds. They have things more simple and traditional and the gospel is preached. Now, I am only pointing out differences in church priorities and foci here and not judging them. Each has pros and con’s and they should be explored. Gray churches pros: happy, friendly, warm, inviting, entertaining, great worship, freedom of expression often, more people means better children’s programs, more staff, etc. Gray churches cons: teaching isn’t as in depth, light on moral absolutes, even lighter on judgment, relativism may be integrated, many workers to keep track of in training, different faces often so can get lost in the crowd. Black and white churches pros: smaller size so more recognizability, teaching is more in depth, moral absolutes taught, more reverent setting for worship, more focus on substance versus show. Black and white churches cons: tend to be judgmental, less freedom of worship expression, less flexibility with staff, fewer children’s programs and special events. These are a result of myriads of churches I have been a part of or visited over my lifetime and of course is not exact for every church, however, this seems to be the crust of it. Both have good and not so good qualities, as you can see. Why do I even bring all this up? I mention it because God put it on my heart to do so and that is enough. However,He also gave me a passion for His church and my personal conviction is that the church should reflect its Founder, our Savior, in every way that we can, which means substance and truth always won in His teachings but that they were always delivered lovingly with all fruits of the Spirit intact. I firmly believe whatever church you choose to support and attend should look like Christ and always brag on Him and share truth from Him to the world and each other. Where you attend matters and even if it is in your home with a few good friends you can trust, you have everything you need to share God’s Word, pray and worship together and then serve the community with Christ’s mission mind. That is the model we should follow. When staff is paid too much or brags on their church or themselves or each other ever, there is a heart problem that needs to be addressed. When right and wrong is sacrificed for political correctness, there is a heart problem. When there is judgment and unforgiveness or unacceptance, there is a heart problem. These problems need to be avidly addressed because we need more than ever to purify God’s church because Jesus Christ returns soon to collect us. We need to encourage each other as we lift up our Savior.