Let God be God

We are often guilty of acting like spoiled brats and demanding with our pouty lips and puffed b up pride that God work in our lives the way we demand He work with threats that if He doesn’t, we will do this n or this or stop believing or withdraw love or leave the church b or whatever. In our worship and prayers, let us always keep humble and contrite and ask thr Lord to work in our lives the way He knows is best. Let God be God in your life. He knows best and can do anything and loves you. Trust Him and just be n content and thankful for whatever you get. This is best.❤

Hopeful Examples of Service in Community

Well, I have been working so hard on cleaning up and hauling away our yard and our neighbor’s and mom’s since Irma plowed through that I have not lived up to my visions of helping everyone I had before the storm. Everyone has power around me, thanks be to God and our good power company, so that sort of food help and air and water help is not needed. And everyone is pitching in so much that I can focus on cutting up and hauling away our dilapidated jasmine fence. Anyone wanting very, extremely very healthy jasmine roots, you are welcome to them, by the way. And tomorrow we will do the same. I am so impressed with our city and community and everyone chipping in and helping serve. It is incredible to see. In some towns you see the worst after a disaster, looting, destroying, making worse, but here I see caring, helping, serving, thriving. And this is hope for America to get back to that sort of unity. That is who we are made to be. That is a form of godliness. That is good, beautiful behavior. Love it! Praise God! ❤ 

Downing a Draught of Daylight

Daylight to me is life. And it has nothing to do with the sun, no matter how much I love the sun. It is the Son, Jesus Christ who is the Light and Truth. I drink deeply of the daylight of God’s truth and love and holiness. There is no greater or more satisfying energy source than a that of humble worship, intense prayer and Bible study. And obedience is life. I obey God because He is the only One worthy of our healthy fear and respect but moreso or equally rather because I know He loves me. He holds me when I cry or ask Him. He wipes my tears. He allows me to be tried and tested to be sure I know where my heart is toward Him in reality. He already knows. He thinks of little tiny me in the big universe enough to hear my prayers. Wow! Have you truly considered that? The best thing that ever happened to me was humbly accepting Jesus Christ as my Savior and starting a love and respect relationship with God who lovingly and purposefully made everything I know about and even don’t know about. Oh how I love Him!!! ❤

Doggie Visits for Daddy

Today my kids and I brought Lucy (my Dad’s little gray yorkiepoo) in to visit him in the nursing home. It had been a week or more since we did so. The dog did not greet Dad, who had been her favorite place to be when he lived at home. She had to be held on the bed for him to pet and still then would not look at him. She looked away, very uncomfortable and very not wanting to be there. And my mind wonders whether dogs know something we don’t know or sense something we don’t sense or if it is a matter of him just smelling different in a different environment. And my mind races to wonder at these things. And because of this nonwelcome, my dad ended up wiping a tear away and felt she rejected him or didn’t remember him. His sadness was more than I could bear. And on top of trying to work with this scenario, my mom was unknowingly demanding my attention to serve her and take care of what she wanted. So, I smiled my best smile and kissed Daddy and took Lucy home, knowing that I would not be repeating such a visit that caused more sadness than happiness. And the pictures I brought him of Lucy will be a better happier memory for him than her presence. Sometimes empathy dictates action and something which sounds good on paper does not work well in life. And happiness should be emphasized in the last days, months of life and not press upon it that which brings grief. So, out of love for my Dad, Lucy will remain home. Sometimes, as with my children, you shelter those you love from harm sometimes. Wisdom is knowing when to do this. And I long to be wise and hope this is the trait I am using in this decision. I know my Dad better than anyone but Aunt Barb, his sister, and were he still of his full mind, he would decide this for me if our roles were reversed. Sometimes loving someone best is not forcing their hand to accept that which you think is best versus that which is indeed best for them. It is unwise and unloving and impractical to push a rope. You may momentarily win at something, feel good for a moment, and if you weren’t paying attention may think you were doing the right thing, but right for you may not be right for them. I am not talking about right versus wrong, which line should not be blurred, but right according to your prescription versus what the person you are caring for actually needs. My Dad needs peace and calm and love and visits that promote these things. Sadness is not one of those things. Lucy is precious to him and always will be but sharing her memory when she cuddled him and slept on his bed may very well be the best time with her. Moral: what is best for you is not necessarily the best for someone you are caring for. Taking care of them implies you are looking to their best interest and not your own. So, there it is. And I will continue to wonder at Lucy’s bizarre reaction and what that means, realizing that dogs understand many things we do not in ways they can only communicate to us through their behavior. My Dad taught me that.

The Best of Travel

The very best travelling I have done, and my travelling has been extensive, was unplanned and with someone I loved. When travel is too scripted, it loses much of its serenity, much of its power, some of its teachability and all of its passion. You may want to get your bang for your buck and see everything there is to see but the trick is to save so e for a return journey. It gives you hope for future travel and allows your head and soul to relax and nestle into a place. So etimes the off road adventures are uch more fun than the planned tourist things. They are more interesting also and more involved to draw you in. It is the difference between the sculpted gorgeous but very touristy Watkins Glen (NY) versus the rugged and hikeable and more raw not as touristy Ricketts Glen (PA). Both are gorgeous but Ricketts to me was an adventure and thus more memorable and enjoyable. Sometimes exploring a place and seeing and talking to natives of that place in a local coffee shop teaches you much more than a brochure’s polished verbosa with a couple pics. So the absolute best of travel, the good stuff, is adventurous exploration where you take your time and really try to learn a place, a people, what makes them tick, their slang/language, their beauty. Take some time. Devote some energy into doing nothing. And if you cannot help but plan your day to the minute, you poor soul, then schedule free/miscellaneous time into your day for what comes. It is often the very best of all travel. Fun can happen there. And if you can stay at a bed and breakfast or campground, somewhere other people are, that is all the better. More people to meet, more to learn.