Elderly Contributions

The elder people of my life are my foundation, my backbone, my sweet spot. My grandmother was an amazing nurse and missionary. She told me later she struggled with school, she was not naturally intelligent that way. Nor did she know tons of stuff about tons of stuff. I never knew that his at all n until she had that his old me much later in life. What do I remember about my invaluable time with her? She loved Jesus. And she knew old songs from Texas I did not otherwise learn. She loved art and music and learning and she sure loved her family and me. That is my memory of her. Not her brilliance but her love and passion for Jesus and family. My other grandma was also hard working but a farmer’s wife. From her, I remember etiquette, good posture, cleanliness, work ethic, warmth, love of family and God, composure, respect, natural remedies to about anything. I do not ever remember what she was not but truly appreciated all that she was. From Beulah Barnett, an elderly widow I sat with sometimes, I learned shading and art for she had been an artist. I remember affirming smiles and encouragement from older people from the church. From both grandpas, I learned laughter and music and love of God. As my dad aged, I learned the importance of time spent just talking. The elderly people of my life made my life rich. I was so blessed to a have them. I would not be who I am without them. So if you feel you have little to offer tech-addicted people, think again and just offer who you are. You are invaluable as an elder. And those who are not elders, get off your worthless tech and take some time with an elder person today. It is much more important and truly invaluable to your character development. 

On Benefits of Entertaining

When you have company over for dinner or whatever occasion you choose, several things happen. First, your house gets clean. Yes,this is the least important of the benefits but it is a wonderful benefit. 🙂 Secondly, you get today a wonderful meal with friends. The friendship deepens and you get to know them better. Thirdly, you support each other with new conversations that have deepened by your efforts and mutual appreciation. Fourthly, you are met with peace as a reward for obedience to God for He wants us to fellowship with people and for us to be generous. Fifthly, you get to use all those amazing serving bowls and trays you generally just store or look at. Last of all, you make someone else/other people feel special and blessed by your efforts. These are all amazing benefits and joys of entertaining guests and friends for dinner (especially one couple or family at a time). So, reap the benefits of a good round of entertaining very soon. Set a date and call someone that can come then and just do it. It helps everyone and leaves you smiling at peace for days. 🙂

Writing with Benefits

When I write, my thoughts go from abstract to concrete, most of the time. They make more organizational sense and cohesive sense. As such, writing brings perspective into the mix and expresses the thoughts in a way others can understand and learn from or relate to or completely disagree with. Writing gives validity and voice to the human being writing and brings to the reader a new perspective and peek into the soul of another human being. It is a conversation, promoting validity of existence. We know many writers because of their writings that have existed very long after their lives were spent. We see history, culture, fantasy, philosophy of another through their writing, even if unintentional. Writing also positions your mood and focus outward. It may be beneficial to the writer but also benefits the reader. Any exchange of ideas is to be promoted and this medium is fantastic for that. The beautiful and the ugly are exacted, the formidable foe is broken down, the hero wins and the bad guy looses, the evil are eviscerated, a scene is described, something happens. The reader may feel less alone and travel on amazing or even feeble adventures through the pages of a book. There is such intense power in the written word.


Confederate jasmine covers three 8 foot fences surrounding our back yard. They were here when we got here, but were sparce at the time. Since we have lived here, I have trimmed and trained and fertilized and watered the jasmine and now it is thick and growing. In fact, it is growing so much so fast that it is very hard to maintain and care for. So I have a love-hate relationship with the jasmine. I work hard to keep it beautiful but it rewards me with sweet smelling and beautiful white pinwheel flowers and lush foliage. The thing is, sometimes we have to put in a lot of hard work to reap benefits. Those who reap benefits without working at it never receive as much or appreciate it as much. To benefit from another’s work is to rob them and so robs yourself as well. It is a work ethic I was raised with. Yes, work takes time and energy and often discomfort, but work is certainly rewarded. And the work itself is beneficial. There is a sense of purpose to accomplish goals and reap the benefits. Work is a good word. We are made for it. We do best when we are productive and beneficial in this world. Do not dread work. Be thankful you have the opportunity to serve somewhere and thus serve the Lord, the giver of work skills.