Doing + Being

Doing makes being productive, useful and helpful. Being without doing is impotent, bland, wastful. Doing proves the being and gives it function. Learning and memorizing without action makes you an encyclopedia. Application is doing and makes the learning mean something, brings it value.❤

Being How You’re Made

Being a big picture person, I often miss stuff. I attend to what I am most interested in, of course, but everything, little details of things other than that are rather dismissed. My head is in the clouds for the most part, resting there in a world of ideas, big pictures, concepts, plans, how things work together. I made it a point to force myself to be more detail oriented. In face, I made a huge effort to pay attention to all the details around me and the little things I generally attended only for a purpose. The results were that I about went crazy. Seems there is just too much to know when big picture/big ideas comes naturally but details are forced. I am not my Maker. I have to be how He made me. I should not try to be more. I definitely decided to be okay with being how I am. And if people don’t get me (which most don’t lol), there are a few that do and I am okay with this. I have to be. And if I am being who I am designed to be, God will provide me with a job to do and with what I need at the right time, even if He calls me to solitude and awkward weirdness the majority of the time. lol I am cool being a weird artist/musician/writer. No problem with that at all because that is how I was made and how I am most comfortable. And I am okay with not being an airbrushed Barbie doll too because I can only look that way when I starve myself and I am most comfortable eating sometimes. lol So, I am pretty awesome because of God making me that way not because I do anything special. He is special and His workmanship is me. And I glorify Him best and worship best and show off His workmanship best when I am just the way He made me to be and not force anything else. Praise God!!!

Being Nice and Its Repercussions

Being reared in rural Michigan about 30-40 years ago, there was great emphasis placed on being nice. In fact, there was such a push for it that there were actually negative consequences when you were not nice, some making it difficult to sit down for a while. And it was explained in one way or another by a seeming multitude of people (parents, teachers, neighbors, random town folk, church folk, etc.) what being nice consisted of. And since I have noticed a myriad of people around about me and my children lately seeming as if they have not had similar lessons, I wish to share my “nice” knowledge with the masses. Perhaps some of my recent register workers or stock folk at some stores I have been in of late (and even managers, yikes) may read this and start applying its suggestions. Now, warning ahead of time, you may not ever get a reward for being nice. In fact, you may have severe repercussions such as surprise or funny looks or suspicion placed upon you. However, there may perhaps be some vague rewards like, oh I don’t know, a promotion or maybe a smile or gratefulness. The possibilities are endless. Here are some good starting points. 1. It is nice to look a person in the eyes who is speaking with you. This shows the person you actually care what words are coming out of their mouth and maybe even that you give at least some inkling of a care about your job. It also conveys something rare and mysterious as well as quite fragile… respect for another human being. Since we are all made in the image of God on purpose, we are all due this respect but be one of the first to actually convey that and you will come across as “nice”. This is a good thing, believe it or not. 2. It is nice to help someone who needs help. I know this is a little shocking, especially if in a hurry to do something for yourself, but no one is asking you to give up your heart while you are still in need of it, just a helping hand now and again picking something up, holding a door, bringing to attention when someone drops their keys, etc. These things are nice. You would want to be helped if you needed it, right? This particular step on the ladder to niceness may actually be met with thankfulness. Maybe not, I mean not everyone is nice, remember? Which brings us to 3. If someone nice helps you in any way, do say ” thank you” with a smile. Why? Because it is nice to do so. It is so much nicer than sticking up your nose as if the entire world should bow before you and your greatness. So smile and say “thank you” to anyone nice enough to help you with anything. Respect the rarity of that. Respect the nice help. Be nice back. We will leave it at these three practices as a good start. Follow these simple guidelines and you will find, oh shopper at Walmart, that being nice is very… well, nice.