Bye, Beach Bliss

People love the ocean waves.

Me, I love them for a while

And then the sand is everywhere

And burned face cracks to smile.

So keep your beach and burning sand

And I will go to pool instead

And water will still cool me off

And with bathroom close by.

(Not a beach hater, just a realist. Lol)

Last Look at the Beach

Leaving the beach is always a bit sad, but some beautiful family memories were made here. And we had a ball flying kites last night at sunset. Such a beautiful experience. And somehow I was able to maintain my Paleo nutrition lifestyle and for the first time actually lost weight on vacation and did not gain. And kept my energy level up despite my lack of ever being able to sleep well away from home. Always glad to go and always glad to be back home again. ❤

Mom’s Toes in the Sand

So, a vacation just happened to the beach. When you vacation with children, the youngest being 5, the rest of the family vacations really and this mom hopes for a few quiet moments to dig into the sand and plant herself there… for days. However, that usually doesn’t happen, so I satisfied myself as usual with making sure everyone else was having a good time and vacationing. So I thought about my ideal vacation. Get ready for something deep and profound. My ideal vacation is a day… at home… alone. I would take a few hours really, at least a half hour, 10 minutes even. And in this space of time without anyone wanting this, needing that, pulling me here, wanting to go there, talking, always talking, never ending the talking, etc. Because on vacations where everyone else is relaxing and I am working, when we leave I get back home not to relax but to unpack and clean up and put away and so on and get dinner because they forgot they ate an hour ago. So, whoever wishes me peace, this would come with some time off. That would revitalize me for a long time. Everyone needs to recharge their batteries the way they can do that best. We are all different. And I am happy to have had a great experience with my family but I’m exhausted. If you need me, I’ll be sleeping, exhausted from my “vacation”. lol  (We had a lot of fun, I must say that 🙂

A Day on the Beach is Worth Three in the Home

One hour and a half, to be exact, on the beach was worth three at home. How is that possible? The beach is a magical place of refreshing that naturally denies tech its normal dominance. It is a place where children may explore and play in nature and adults can be children. It is a place where comic relief is a bonus when others are noticed wearing inappropriate suits for their body type but who cares. It is a place where pelicans plop into the water to capture their meal hopefully and then rise triumphantly out of the water like kings whether they did or not. It is a place where looking at the water soothes you but being too far in makes you feel like you’ve taken 2 rounds with a much heavier weight class than yourself. It is where you become dehydrated no matter how much you drink though completely surrounded by water. It provides a nice tan or a scarlet burn depending on your diligence to continually apply exfoliating sunscreen (because now mixed nicely with sand). The beach is a place where hundreds of people can collectively look out into the ocean and feel tiny. It is a place of vitality and warmth, sun and shine, food and entertainment but all in an off the grid fashion. Why an hour and a half? Because that is how many quarters we had for the unexpected and highly annoying parking meters at the beach (and a change machine seemed to not be among their priority list). But, that hour and a half was worth days elsewhere for the reasons mentioned above. Who knows how many more days of beach weather we will have, but I thank God for this time with my family (despight my husband’s horrible cold, bless his heart). The kids had a blast but one more bonus is that now they are out cold. So good! 🙂