Regular Band Gig

We had a great gig tonight!! Praise God! We even started off heavy with life and therefore out of sync with each other. Even with that and about a hundred little foibles, we managed it and got tighter the rest of the sets and were happy and vibing so that we cheered each other up and the crowd and it was fantastic. So many compliments and we are playing there once a month now. Amazing. So proud of our band family and this great team. God is so good!❤

Smooth Sentiment is Our Band

Fyi: Smooth Sentiment Band is our band family. I love my band so much. We have Steve (my husband) on guitar and synth; Kevin on lead male vocals (also the worship leader at our church); Brett on drums, Ken on Bass and of course me on keys and vocals. We all play at two different churches for worship also but this is a fun way to make side money and enjoy playing out at various gigs. We love it and the links to our youtube demo videos is just foe your entertainment. Just wanted to explain. We have so much fun together. Love ya!❤