When Bad Things Happen

Some people want bad things to happen. I used to think this was ridiculous but I see it. Always focused on the bad or in a constant hunt for it and focus on anything remotely unpleasant and blowing that into significance are all ways they prove this. Some people do not want n peace and prove it these ways. They want war and ugly and bad things because that is matches what is going on inside of them or they are used to it.

Instead of that, in direct opporition to it, if we embrace Christ, He gives peace and joy inside to all you to desire and work for good things. We have control of this and we do much greater even than that by yielding control to Jesus who is bivgerhan any bad habit or bad thing.

Focusing on God and accepting His love allows us to make good choices, which put any resulting bad thing into proper perspective, which is, eternally – speaking, insignificance. Choose today. You are stronger than you think (with God) and have the power to choose. 😄❤

Tired of the “Bad Things Happening to Good People” Question

Good things and bad things happen to everyone. Things happen because of people’s choices and God allows some of the negative consequences and good consequences for reasons we know nothing about. He is in charge. God knows full well what He is doing and we who question Him show our lack of faith and trust and immature spirituality. God would not be just if He did not “send rain on the just and the unjust” and indeed He does. There is no preferential treatment because God loves every beautiful person He made. This is to His great merit. Praise God!❤❤❤