“Attitude is Your Paintbrush: It Colors Every Situation”

So we finished “30-Day Praise Challenge” in my Sunday school class (which was amazingly good) and now we are growing more together with a larger class and we are starting “Attitude is Your Paintbrush: It Colors Every Situation” by James W. Moore. And the reading for this week (the first chapter) is about the attitude of gratitude.

I like what the book says. It says that we are born ungrateful (and rather selfish) and giving thanks is a learned behavior. Some of us take longer to learn that lesson but a sign of spiritual maturity is when gratitude is automatic.

I detest that horrible song that was popular in the 90’s, “What Have You Done for Me Lately?” I cringe even now when I hear that. It is the epitome of selfishness and our natural coarsest impulse. And those of us who really love the Lord will always resist that inclination and instead dwell on our gratefulness for every situation. That is entirely our choice and a sign of growth and spiritual development and maturity.

As made creatures in a made world, we truly need to be thankful for everything, our breath, the good, the bad, all of it. As made creatures, God loves us despite our lowly state of being made, where He has always been and always will be. We should be thankful for all of it then, that the God who made us provides all we need and even many wants out of love for us. It is truly amazing and we should thank Him consistently with an attitude of gratitude. ❤

So When I Pray

When I pray, I ask God to forgive any sins I have committed, whether I knew about them or unintentional and I forgive anyone who has sinned against me (just started that because it is happening more now). Then my heart is clean and right and in the proper humble attitude for prayer and I am suddenly transformed into the presence of Almighty God to talk to Him. And this can happen in a formal even or as I am cleaning the house or washing dishes or driving down the road. We are commanded to pray continually, which I take literally. If we are in a humble state of prayer and conversation with our Almighty Father God, we are much more likely to remember that we are always in His presence/vision and act right and say right. So we can talk to God about any and everything. We can praise Him, ask for what we need, love on Him. And we should to stay focused in this ever increasingly bad world. Then we will be ready when He comes back for us. And I am quite frankly looking forward to that. Heaven sounds good right about now. 🙂 ❤  I am sharing this to encourage you to be in an attitude of prayer and continuous running dialogue with your Heavenly Father God. He loves us so very much. Let’s obey Him and make Him pleased with us! ❤☺

A Thankful Attitude

I read this excerpt this n morning in my devotions. It was written by Lucy C. Smith. It reads, “One thing is indisputable: the chro NJ ic mood of looking longingly at what we have not, or thankfully at what we have, creates two very different types of charactwr. And we certainly can encourage the one attitude or the other in ourselves.” 1 Thessalonians 5:18 says to always give thanks because God wants that. And all that thankfulness and contentment is in direct opposition and defiance even of the world and it’s “More for Me” attitude. The act of thankfulness and appreciation is a humble one, one that says “I am amazed that you saw fit to bless me so much, Lord, because I do not deserve such blessings.” The spirit of wanting more says the opposite, “I deserve more because I am amazing and should have everything I want that makes me happy.” I choose thankfulness and here is why. Humbling our hearts and being thankful is the only way to lasting happiness, peace, contentment, joy, and most importantly, pleasing the Lord. Being thankful is the key to surviving anything, it makes even the darkest path doable and light. It is truth and goodness in all things. There is never a situation without something for which to be thankful. Ever. It is as matter of focus of the heart. ❤ 

The Beautiful Attitude

Beauty in nature brings smiles to the face and twinkle to the eyes. We enjoy natural beauty. It is how we are made. We specifically enjoy beauty that mimics our Creator. By that I mean that the internal attitude of our hearts naturally leans toward the perfection that is our Creator. Even His craziest looking deep sea creatures reveal qualities about Him of beauty and grace or sheer determination and power. And much more importantly, our attitudes externally toward people should mimic the beauty we possess internally from our Creator. Now when that doesn’t happen, usually there has been an injury to cause a disconnect. Some people have years and years of multiple injuries and have difficulty expressing beauty because they no longer believe the truth of their internal beauty. And sometimes the injury is self-inflicted and then we assist the lie that beauty can not reside where we were ugly on purpose. And this is the truth here… ready for it? Pause for dramatic effect, you have always been to God as beautiful to Him as He purposefully designed you to be. Nothing has come as a surprise to Him. Nothing has made Him hate you. That is the truth. Everything else is lies by the enemy to hurt you and destroy you if he can. There is a reason the devil is called the father of lies. Now, there is the matter is sin. When you are saved and you confess the sins to Him and turn away from them, leaving them behind, the sin is washed clean. You are instantly just as beautiful as the day you were designed by the Creator. And once you believe that truth, you will start acting beautiful, which is an attitude of appreciation and love, respect and worship, peace and power, self-control and goodness, the more fruits of His Spirit you will reflect. What we appreciate of Him a d His beauty will start pouring out of you and your beauty will show as a light to all. Now, just because this happens doesn’t mean the enemy is going to leave you alone. He still wants you gone, so until heaven is our home, memorize this and say it out loud, “Nope, that’s a lie, get away from me in Jesus Christ’s name”. That is your tool. And back to the beauty, the renewal process works best when you replace the holes the lies left with truth from God’s Word, the Bible, and prayer. Allow the Source of truth to fill you up and renew your beauty. This will help a lot. You got this. And the best thing is you never walk alone. God is always there with you.