Dorian: An Answered Prayer From God

So, upon hearing of the impending Hurricane Dorian, my prayers have been focused on asking God to diminish the hurricane or flick it into the sea. And today, I received word from the meteorologist that the plots were all in agreement that thr hurricane was indeed flicked into sea and will be travelling north now in the Atlantic. And I tell you, God answers prayers every time we humbly pray. And sometimes, as in this amazing instance, He answers us the way we ask. But know that He always answers prayers for the best of everyone involved. And know this… God is so very good!!!! He is a loving Father and takes great care of His children. Praise God, who has proven yet again that He is bigger than any hurricane!!!❤❤❤

Clarity for the Asking

Some things, I am learning gradually but do not yet quite understand 100%. One of these is the perpetuation of prayer, it’s continuousness in my soul and spirit of asking God stuff. I can have an issue or problem on my mind or soul or spirit and rather than issuing the same prayer about it more than once, God continues to hear that prayer and at the right time when I am ready to receive the answer, God indeed answers that problem. I had that happen today and I am out loud giving God the glory for the answer to a problem of about a year now. And I received the answer through a fellow blogger’s blog tonight, Joshua Shea, and he is searching, not a Christian yet to my knowledge. But I am quite certain the answer was from the Holy Spirit nonetheless. And the glory goes to God almighty, who can answer our prayers and clarify our issues however and through whomever He wishes. I am floored by the amazing God we serve! Oh how I love Him!❤❤❤

Weinstein and Answered Prayer

The creep was reported finally, caught, prosecuted, punished. Truth is out. Truth is visible. This, my friends, was an answer to prayer. I and many others, I am certain, have fasted and prayed that truth would be revealed and seen in its entirety and evil would be exposed, prosecuted and punished to the fullest extent of the law. We have prayed this for a long time and God has seen fit to answer our prayers. This is the beginning. Truth, silenced for far too long, will be growing. God answers prayers. We are still praying, still fasting, still full of faith in God, in Truth. And more people are joining our ranks against this spiritual warfare every day. I know because we are praying for that too. And God still answers prayer and still is in ultimate control of this entire universe. Join ranks. Help us pray. Read the Bible. Fast. Anything you can do. And God fights for us whenever we humbly bow to ask Him to. Praise God!!!!❤❤❤

Misinterpretation Clarified

I used to pray for arms to hold me. I had always assumed that meant a man and my husband is not naturally a hugger and frankly pushes me away because I am too hot (temperature wise not sexy but ya know… lol). So I had misinterpreted that as unanswered prayer. And when my daughter surprised us with her presence, I just now realized why God gave me this precious treasure. She is a cuddle bunny. She loves to be held and hold on tight. Duh me, God answered my prayer for hugs from my little girl, the huggingest person you would ever want to meet. Thank you, God, for her and answered prayers!!❤❤❤

Difficult Decisions

What truly makes a decision difficult is most often us. Our uncertainty, lack of faith/trust, distractions, input from others, masks or just plain pride are the accomplices to the crime of difficulty but the gunman is generally just a focus on the details so much that God’s big picture and will are shadowed. Often it is really an easy decision shrouded in emotional or spiritual baggage. What really makes us have difficulty with a decision is the enemy. He works overtime on causing distraction and loss of focus and even procrastination and evil influences of others. He takes pride in steering us the wrong direction and loves to see us sweat it out while his plan is going strong. The decision whether to do right or wrong is never a gray decision, never difficult. However, if the enemy has his way, he tempts us to a myriad of shades of gray until little compromises are made. Usually, big decisions are difficult when they involve the future of other people. In that case, the big picture thinking comes in handy. If you are not cut to see the big picture, maybe you know a fellow Christ follower who is and can help see that big picture you need to make the decision. And if you don’t have such a person in your circle, or even if you do, here is a revolutionary practice… Pray about it and read your Bible and then have ask some questions in your head and you will be surprised how many times God’s Holy Spirit answers your question in your head or heart OR the opportunity that shows up soon after. God is not dead. He is absolutely alive and active and His Holy Spirit dwells/lives in every person who is saved. So, with His help decisions cease to be difficult or ugly. They clear up when you ask the Lord for help and are open for His answer.

Faith and Prayer

Our letters of needs and supplications can only be mailed off to the Lord if we let go of the envelope. God replies to each and every released prayer. He is not obligated to answer prayers we haven’t let go of. What does that mean? Prayer without faith and trust that the prayer will be answered is just whiney words on our wishing list that we still want to control and keep for ourselves. Prayers with these pride and power issues (of which false humility is in that category) are rarely honored by the Lord and never are unless they serve His purpose which is greater than our own. Sometimes we whine to God rather than pray to Him. Without faith and humbleness, our prayers are little more than pity parties and gripe and whine sessions. We can be absolutely and undeniably certain beyond all doubt that God will answer every prayer you pray and meet every need you have when you speak to Him humbly (which is our rightful place before the King of kings and Lord of lords) and with the faith or knowledge that He is telling us the truth that He will answer our prayers offered in faith and humility. Faith is understanding that God is God, all powerful, all knowing, all understanding and cares about our lives and souls as much as He says. Faith is believing that Jesus Christ left the splendor of heaven to come down to earth as a man and sacrifice Himself for us to be saved and rose from the dead to triumph over death and our enemy forever. Faith is trusting that every Word the Bible says was written by Him through people and is absolutely true. Faith is acknowledging all this and adding to it that this incredible and awesome God that created everything loves us enough to intervene on our behalf and answer our prayers when we pray with faith and humility and repentance if needed. If we pray without this, we are not really praying in the true sense of the word, we are whining or griping, talking to God but should not expect an answer or action. We have to give God permission to take over that need and provide specific things, knowing full well that He can and will do it. If we don’t let go of it, we are whining but saying that I just need to vent but I got this, it is mine, I still want to keep trying to fix it myself, etc. You are really saying that you are god enough for the problem. Puts a different spin on prayer. We need to pray with humility and faith and repentance as needed. Those prayers, God will never neglect to answer because He is good like that. He is truly awesome!

Answers vs Faith

I used to be the type of person who knew all the answers- planned ahead and knew what was up the road.  I also was the type of person who could do everything myself and never needed anyone.  Sure, there were people I wanted to be there, but I didn’t “need” them.  This same person, I was, that had to and seemed to have all the answers asked in class or in work or in life.  It has occurred to me lately that I was a very ignorant person in all of this.  This seeming knowledge and control and independence are idiotic and signs of a lack of understanding and wisdom.  Now, don’t get me wrong… it is nice to know answers and count on yourself for things.  What I mean is that thinking we really know anything or are in control of anything or don’t need anyone are the most naive of all pride-bearing objects.  In fact, I regret not letting my guard down to be wrong more and count on people more because I would have learned earlier on that the only One who really knows anything is the One who knows everything.  Faith in the Almighty God is much more intelligent and wise than knowledge of anything or anyone else.  His ability is our only ability.  His knowledge is our only knowledge.  His wisdom is the only wisdom.  When we admit that, we start the journey of wisdom and truly can say that we at least have one right answer.