Praying for the Ungrateful

Committing to pray for everyone in your sphere means you are praying mostly for people who either don’t think it’s a big deal (so are flippant) or are ungrateful for the prayers. We should never expect a different response because Jesus Christ, Maker of the universe and King of all kings, deserving luxury and worship, died a horrific death and then majestically rase Himself from the dead for everyone to have a opportunity to be saved. And most people are flippant about that or are ungrateful. Why would we be treated better than the King of kings and Lord of lords?

Why are people like that? I believe it boils down to 1 of three options:

1. Rebellious pride- spoiled selfishness

2. Ignorance- not knowing how important and eternal these things (prayer, savation, Bible study, obedience) and decisions are

3. Laziness- procrastinating and/or laxidazical.

And we need to pray all the more for them. The people in our sphere we are responsible to pray for. And it is the most powerful and important thing we can ever do and gift we can ever give. We are looking out for their eternal and spiritual welfare and future and present concerns, even if they could care less. We are loving them despite their blindness. Isn’t that what Jesus did?❤❤❤

Fasting Prayers

Posted originally on September 9, 2018. I have been fasting at least 1 day weekly since then. I share this only encourage the church to obey and pray intensely for the church, lost souls, our country and political world (Lord help them all). It is vital that we who are supposed to resemble Jesus Christ our Lord do indeed resemble Him and obey in earnest prayer and fasting (when possible). And in light of this, I will fast longer than usual as ask all Christians to join in prayer for all our sakes.

I am praying and fasting today. I implore any of you friends who really love the Lord to join me. And if you cannot fast for some reason, please pray with me during meal times. So we are on the same page, my prayers will be:

1. Please purify my soul and my family’s soul and wash us clean by the blood of the Lamb Jesus Christ. Please forgive our sins and renew our strength and purity with the Holy Spirit so we may be in your presence and pray and fast today.

2. The Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6), with emphasis on “Please, dear Lord, may your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

3. Please may God’s prayer warriors be strengthened and focused to pray and fast for your good to triumph over the enemies’ evil.

4. Please protect and strengthen our President Trump and all those officials doing good and please give them wisdom, knowledge, understanding and favor with You and man. May those who have done evil to be caught and prosecuted and be found guilty and punished to the fullest extent of the law. Please allow this to change their hearts to repentance and salvation.

5. Please help our country defund and abolish abortion and injustice so you will forgive and bless our country as a whole. Please provide for and help the orphans and widows. Let us not pass by our brothers and sisters unmoved but help them with Your love and empathy, knowing You adopted us as well and provide for us.

6. Please allow people to be released from their addictions to tech and social media/phones and pleasure addictions which have become their idols. Please release and help them so they are ready when you come soon for your church.

7. Please purify your church and strengthen her to prayer and fasting and worship together. Destroy the evil within her and cast out demons who have infiltrated. Help your church to remember her job of missions, winning souls for your kingdom, worshipping You. Please help and strengthen and bless Your persecuted church around the world.

8. Please save as many as you can from the clutches of Satan and soften their hearts to Jesus Christ as their Lord for their eternal soul’s sake.

9. Please strengthen and heal my friends and family for prayer and prepare their hearts and souls for your coming.

10. Please keep the demons and evil ones who have chosen to worship them from being effective in the evil they want to do. Stop their plans, dear Lord, and protect us. May all the evil plans come to ruin and be hindered and useless and may You, Lord, and Your angels win every battle.

11. We love and pray for Israel. We pray for her peace and that the Jews will realize that Jesus is their Messiah and be saved. Praise be the God of Israel. Please bless her.

12. We worship you, dear Jesus. We give you praise, honor due you and adore your glory. You are worthy of all our love and adoration and worship. You are holy and true.

In the name of Jesus Christ I pray, amen.❤❤❤

Laziness is a Waste of Good Brain Cells

Good stewardship is a concept I have been working on in my life and trying to instill in my kids. The opposite of good stewardship is laziness. It wastes talent, thought processes, imagination, physical ability, energy, so on. Laziness declares that our comfort is more important than the gifts God has given us to use. And no, laziness is never a gift from God. It is an affront to Him who gifted us in His profound wisdom. 😄❤