God Bless the Hot Tub

So today is build dat for the back patio to become a sunroom which will house as new hot tub. Of course in FL, we rarely need the heater, but in winter we will use that too. And God has pouted out His blessings on us over and over, as it is costing about half of what we thought and we are doing a lot of things too. It is something to look forward ti, to be calmed and soothed by, to help alleviate muscle pain and aches Steve is experiencing. It will be an enormous blessing and pain reliever, Lord willing. So not much work on the quilt today, but there is a wonderful reason for taking a break and working elsewhere for the day. Thank you, loving God who provides!!!

Opposition in the Home

I live in a home where we walk on eggshells. We are scrutinized, criticized, accused, critiqued and unless we do what is expected or approved of ahead of time, we could be shamed and put down or at the least washed in angry sarcasm by my husband. No one in the family can breathe freely. Me either most of the time. And this weighs on me. It is abusive. It hurts. It is not comfortable. And I stay. Why? Because I am married and will stay. Marriage is not a walk in the park, especially when one believes they are the only smart or worthy one in the family. This is excrutiating at times, especially with the kids, specifically my son who gets the brunt of it. Why tell this? Because it seems like now when people encounter opposition in marriage, they don’t stay, they leave. It is what I did before. And I drug my son through a divorce that broke his heart. I will never do that to a child again. And I pray and trust God. My relationship with the Lord has deepened and I love Him deeper than I ever have because I rely on Him alone. I rely on God for comfort, for assurance, for the hope of heaven, for gentleness, for love. And I am teaching my kids to rely on God too. And it is working, they are. That is an amazing gift to give, the most important ever. So there are always reasons to stay and pray and work through it and do the best you can. And there is much good also, just the negative is on my mind because I was just yelled at. But the good also exists, he pays the bills, is bettering the house, does teach the kids also, plays great guitar, takes us out to eat, etc. So I am also demonstrating how to find and remember the good, even when the bad is obvious. The truth is bad and good are never exclusive. One always is present with the other because God is everywhere and the devil/evil lives on earth. So you can focus on the badness or the goodness. And I choose to focus on the goodness. I have to, Jesus commanded it. So it is good. Life is what you make of it. So is marriage. ❤