How to Help Anyone

1. Be observant. Wait a minute before you offer anything and see what they really need. Don’t ask outright or you will get a want and not a need and that only lasts momentarily, but see for yourself what is needed. Often this involves prayer and asking the Holy Spirit for guidance. Remember: providing a want lasts for a day but filling a need is much deeper and longer lasting.

2. Don’t answer their need by filling your own. This is huge. My mom always used to tell me “Men always comfort with sex”. I am not sure about always, but it certainly is tried often. But when someone needs a hug and to share space and tears with someone, sex is really not what they want or need and is getting something for you out of it. Just an example but as a same sex help, if you give chocolate when they need company, you are treating them with what would benefit you and not what they need or want. In essence, either scenario above is a distraction and the problem remains. Remember: to help someone, you must consider their needs and not yours.

3. God is invaluable in helping anyone. To help anyone without praying with them is futile and shallow and unwise and plain ridiculous. As if you have unlimited strength to give them. As if you are all knowing to see into their soul and determine who they need to forgive. God is. God does. Call on His help before you help at all with them. They will how closer to God when He helps them. They will know that all good things come from God, our Savior and Healer. Remember: Do not forger God as Healer, Wisdom, Love and Truth.

4. Touch them. I don’t mean touch them inappropriately but we are Jesus’ hands and feet and people need hugs and reassuring touches. Some more than others, but everyone needs some level of the security and reassurance that comes with touches and hugs. Remember: We are Jesus’ hands and feet.

5. Put them first and just love. The people who comforted me most when Daddy died and my best friend died to me and another friend died all at the same time were the friends and family who had plenty of other things to do but took time out to just not say anything but be in the room with me. My cousin Nicky gave us a place to stay and just loved on us. That meant the world to me. My best friend texted with me support when her van would not allow her to come over. Another friend far away phoned me. Friends here came over. I was in no condition to talk but they coexistence with me and just let me know I was loved and not alone in the world. That is huge when you lose three from a very small circle of loved ones. Just that someone still exists who loves you. You don’t usually have to say a word. Just exist with them. That is healing in of itself. Remember: just be with them and love them.❤


Band Practice Blessing

How sweet it is to get together and play music together!!! We have such a great band family. Some are with us, some just wish they were, but we love them all and hold them dear to our hearts. And oh how sweet it is to play music together!! Love my band family so much!! Thank you for yet another blessing, God!!! Everything good comes from God!! ❤

Smooth Sentiment Band

Hope After Loss

The loss happens first

It is deep and ugly and painful

Darkest moment of my life was the loss

The pain of losing him who loved me

I still miss him, still love him, still have the loss.

A year later, I still have the loss the same as the day I lost him.

I still cannot say his name without crying.

And yet as a Christian I have a hope,

The hope of reunion in heaven.

The hope that there is more than now

And Jesus comes for us soon.

And I wait and hope to see him again

And before that happy reunion, I hold my Jesus.

As He is in my heart, he is in my heart

But Jesus wins. He always wins.

My precious Savior is my first hope.

And I love Jesus deepest and will see you again after.❤❤❤   ❤ 

Music Therapy at Last!

So after the stress and crazy cleanup of the hurricane, we are back in the saddle right now about to play some music! Woo hoo! Music therapy!!! Love the music and my band family. Everything means so much more. God is good like that. You realize who you love is right here all along plating music with you as a team and family. And who wanted to go already left and you you may miss them but you realize it was their choice and you can still live a full productive life with those who remain. “Love isn’t in the falling but in the staying.” When people don’t check in after a catastrophe, they had no intention to stay. It is liberating to know who is staying and who fell off. And we can happily get back to making beautiful and/or fun music! Rock on! Stay to love!❤

Our Smooth Sentiment Band Family

Well, here we are, the Smooth Sentiment Band. We are a musical family, crippled in that we lost a good drummer brother gained another drumming brother that I have yet to get a pic of (welcome aboard, Troy). So here we are, in love with music and adoring the fun we provide to lift spirits from current events and bring back their remembrances of good, clean oldies rock and roll music. We are practicing up and are about to embark together on yet another season of making people happy. 😄 ❤  

Smooth Sentiment Band with Arthur Attard & Steve LaLonde & Ken Burnup & Wil Sepulveda & Troy Cagglione (nearly in the picture) & Tonya LaLonde

Thoughts & Remembrances with a Glance

I saw my estranged band brother/friend Wil go by in his truck the other day. It was a beep beep and head nods and a momentary glance. This man is a band brother, loved, accepted as family with open loving arms. And he married a horrible jealous female who won’t let him associate with any of us or play anymore or even speak. An eight year close friendship instantly flushed down the pooper with one bad decision and we haven’t seen him for a year now. And we get a beep beep and head nods and disappear again. What makes men go down this road? Playing in the bands obviously made him very happy and he loved being part of the family, ate with us, gigged with us, carpooled, long conversations with the family, etc. And what makes insecure and immature females so jealous and dictatorial? Do they believe a man loves them less if he loves his family too? How foolish the thought. And controlling a person is impossible, no matter how tight the noose you put on them. What fools! He willingly gave up his freedom and she willingly demanded it. Very foolish pair. And we love him still, foolish decision and all. It was good to see him however briefly and know she hasn’t killed him yet. The roads we walk are forever winding and twisting. They come and go, even in a span of a foot of moving forward. And we have to cling to God and who we have left and of course family and just love that much more. When the circle tightens, each remaining member is that much more important. And of course those we love that wander off are always family and always welcome home. We love you, Wil. ❤

Happy Birthday, Wil Sepulveda

A very special shout out to our great friend and amazing drummer from long ago, a ghost from the past we love and miss, a family member lost to us. We are thinking of you, miss you still, are still here, and love you. Happy birthday, Wil. Hope it is amazing.