Cinderella Quandary Answered

Tonight, God gave me an answer. Most of my life, even the tomboy youth I was, I was fascinated with Cindarella. I have watched (often secretlt) every version out there. To me, it is deeply drawing and very inspiring. I have wondered at my and many, many other people’s fascination with this Cindarella story. Tonight, while watching a garden being built, God gave me the answer to why. The quandary is solved. I will tell you absolutely free of charge. Ready?

Drum roll.

I am and you are Cindarella. I am a broken girl mistreated by the world in need of rescuing and have indeed in the end been rescued by the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Think of it. This world shakes us about, it is unfair, we are unappreciated and cast aside so often, even by those who are supposed to love us. And we humbly step out for help and Jesus Christ swoops down and saves us from it all, elevating us from paupers to adopted royalty. He fulfills our needs and lavished rich gifts of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, goodness and self-control. We go from rags to riches, from mistreated to generously blessed, from orphans to family thr moment we are saved by Jesus.

What a revelation! It makes perfect sense. People look for a person or some substance or idol or fantasy to save them but Jesus is the only fulfilling and eternal Savior.

How cool is that?😄❤

Black or White

Either you have or want a relationship with Yahweh/God or don’t. This is black and white. Gray is not an option. It really is the best decision in the world to make that contrite decision to have that stabilizing, loving relationship with our loving Creator, the Almighty God of the universe. And no matter what you believe, that is the truth. And choosing to believe it or not almost comical, like deciding that the color white is indeed white versus deciding to proudly say that white is orange and screaming that haughtily at the sky as if that makes it so. Why thr Bible rightly proclaims, “A fool says in his heart that there is no God.” It is a fact that not only does God exist but that He loves us and wants to have a relationship with every precious person He lovingly made on purpose. And Jesus is our way. It is black and white.

Gray is a hypothetical construct to make people feel better without the discomfort of committing to something that makes you feel guilty about still sinning doing things you want to do that are not really eternally good for you. Gray sucks. And God says He hates gray, it will be spewed out of His mouth, He says.

Love Him or don’t and be very careful about don’t. That decision has eternal consequences. And it is such an incredible joy and peace to be close to Yahweh/God! God is worthy of our effort and praise and certainly our trust. He is worthy of all praise!❤

Relationship with God is Only Through Jesus

God the Father wants so much to have a personal relationship with every person He lovingly made. This can only happen through the death and resurrection of Jesus, the only bridge between sin life and Holy God. This is why Jesus said He is the only way to the Father. Accept the Son and draw close to the Father. And the Holy Spirit helps us every step of the way and cumulatively, Yahweh is with us in love. This is eternal and incredibly beautiful.😄❤

Happy Resurrection Day!!

Happy Resurrection Day to you!!! May your salvation be secure in Jesus Christ, our Messiah and Savior, the risen Lord of Lords and King of Kings! Praise be to God! Let’s all celebrate our hope in Jesus today together!!😄❤

The Beauty of Easter

The Beauty of Easter is that Jesus’ love (and therefore mercy and grace) was the sole motivator of perfect Him enduring horrific cruelty to give us hope. And every single person God lovingly created has that save gift of hope because of His death and resurrection. These two pivotal events are celebrated now because our future hope is founded solely on them. That would have been all He needed to give us hope and a future with Himself. How beautiful is that. How self-sacrificing to pay in full the price we owed. Wow. How I contemplate Easter! How amazing is that powerful and deep depth of love God has for us all!❤❤