Excerpt from “Jesus Calling” by Sarah Young

From April 19:

“I love you regardless of how well you are performing. Sometimes you feel uneasy, wondering if you are doing enough to be worthy of my love. No matter how exemplary your behavior, the answer to that question will always be no. Your performance and my love are totally different issues, which you need to sort out. I live you with an everlasting love that flows out from eternity without limits or conditions. I have clothes you in my robe of righteousness, and this is an eternal transaction : Nothing and no one can reverse it. Therefore, your accomplishment as a Christian has no bearing on my live for you. Even your ability to assess how well you are doing on a given day is flawed. Your limited human perspective and the condition of your body, with its mercurial variations, distort your evaluations.

“Bring your performance anxiety to me, and receive in its place my unfailing love. Try to stay conscious of my loving presence with you in all that you do, and I will direct your steps.” (from Jeremiah 31:3; Isaiah 61:10; Psalm 31:16; Psalm 107:8)❤

The Cleaning of a Refrigerator

So, confession time. I have not cleaned out my refrigerator for a year. I have cleaned spills, gotten rid of bad food, but not cleaned it all out for a year. Deplorable to some, yes, others I am quite sure would wonder why ever do it. Lol But today, I clean the refrigerator. In fact I am halfway finished and am taking a break to let it cool down again. But let me tell you, my husband’s love languages are acts of service primarily and then gifts secondly. So to him, my cleaning out the fridge is amazing and proves my love to him. I grew up doing all the cleaning inside and out so I can clean. Not my favorite thing to do, I heartily confess, but here is where my new talent of humbleness comes in. I am doing it for my husband, for my family that it matters to. That is love. Love someone their way today.❤

Empty VS Full Influences

You influence those around you. If you are empty and missing the love of God, you help empty someone else around you. If you are full of the love of God, you will help fill someone else. We are responsible for our condition because we influence other people for better or worse. Fill yourself with the love of God every morning before you start your day. And wow, what a difference you will make for God. And He rewards those who stay close to Him and influence well.😄❤

Clean Freak

I am not a clean freak but I am recently very much like a clean freak lately. I spring cleaned our house over spring break, mom’s house over last week and this one and Great Aunts Evelyne and Ellen yesterday. I am headed over to finish mom’s cleaning up. And for someone who is not a clean freak, I sure am acting like it lately. Lol

I am thankful for n opportunities to serve people because it is always serving God also. That energizes me for things I don’t enjoy. I always remember Jesus didn’t rnjoy what He went through for n us but He did it anyone to show us love. So the least I can do for Him is show love by being inconvenienced. Life is acting about Him and not me. And it is a good life!❤