Meaningful Consistency

As a more (ahem) mature woman now, consistency means more than it ever did. I value consistent friendships, consistent temper, consistent time with God, consistent character, consistent devotion, etc. I was unsettled in my mind pretty much prior to this past Thursday, and now as my mind has settled, I do not want the crazy ride I used to enjoy. I want peace. I want consistency. I want to know that my close people are going to remain that way. I long to retain a close, consistent walk with Jesus. I want to be consistent in my parenting. Consistency has long since been my greatest weakness. “She is excellent but inconsistent” has plagued me and was the truth. My mind was restless so I was too. My mind has been calmed by God. (I am so grateful He keeps fine-tuning me.) As my mind is calm what used to bore me is now desired. I want to be consistent. First time I ever did. So here we go. I will need a lot of practice. Praise God!!! ❤❤❤