A Difference

Every year, our HOA requires us to decorate for Christmas for thr month of December, as we have a Bethlehem theme and throughout our subdivision and luminaries aling all roads. It is beautiful and many people drive through all month long. It is a ministry. So pretty.

But when it comes to putting those outdoor drcorations up, I and the kids generally dread it because my husband is a helicopter manager and yells thr whole time and tells us we are doing it wrong and nitpicks every aspect of it. Makes us all miserable. Everyone hates it, probably him too.

There was a difference this year. I am not upset. I am not stressed. Even with my teenage aon yelling at me to take him to his girlfriend’s house. Not even woth my husband yelling at us. Not even with my daughter eating 5 of the 9 blueberry muffins I made. Nope. I wondered why. Then it hit me. I have the peace that passesball understanding. Praise God!😃❤️


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