About Self-Based Lie Forms

It is so hard to know if we accept lies from others into our self or it is we who lie to ourselves, but it happens a lot. Neither is a better scenario.

These self-lies (from whatever source) are crippling in some way- all lies are. And most people cannot tell a lie from truth to fix it, so they have layers of more acceptable or palatable lies or add lies to falsely puff oneself up or listen to other lies to feel better or escape to addictive behaviors. There is a lie that exposing the undermost lie that started it all will hurt or be uncomfortable or too much work or make you look bad or whatever. Those are lies also. (This is why the enemy is called the “father of lies”.

In my extensive experience, the only cure for any lie is Truth/God and His Word. And once the Truth comes in, it is freeing, liberating. There is adjustment, as with any change, and good, new truth habits need to form for success and permanence of health. Addictions may need to be broken and you may need help with that and that is ok. You may feel vulnerable without a protective covering (also a lie but it was believed and helped with familiar comfort) of lies, but vulnerable is ok. It is good. We are supposed to feel things, have thoughts, experience life good or bad.

The only Truth we can hang our hat on to do all this is God and His Word. He is the only Truth and we must fill up on Him, read and study His Word, memorize His Word, be saved through Jesus Christ. This is the only way for Truth to repave your self roads and set you free from lies. And once free we can help free others and live fully with live and peace and unending joy! 😃❤️


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