Trying New Things

I have to tell you, today I tried something new and fun. In middle and high school, I played volleyball and even made MVP a time or two. But this was 32 years ago!!!!

So today, my son was asked to play with an all-guys, all-Asian Christian team as a guest. He has played volleyball against several of the guys and got to be friends. So he played probably 5-6 games with them. So much fun.

Well, we girls got sick of just watching and put up our own net and played 4 games of our own. It was so much fun! I have been nursing a sore leg and elbow so I did not play aggressively- nor could I if I had tried- but I found my serve again and was useful that way. It was delightful!

So never say never. I thought 32 years was beyond recovery of a sport, even though I loved playing it. Try something new. Go to a group where you are the minority and find a common ground- ours was the Lord and volleyball. Just enjoy and learn from other beautiful souls God made and loves. It is amazing! 😃❤️


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