A New Thing: A Cautionary Tale

Pain is a new thing for me in my elbow. I picked up an extra heavy guitar amp after a gig to get it home and did fine. Instead of picking it up by the handle, because it was such a tall amp and so heavy, I gave it a bear hug and moved it that way. That moment was fine. But later that day and ever since, I have a spasm of pain if I twist my elbow at all or bend it a certain way. Never ever had pain in my elbow before, this is new territory for me and not in a good way.

Not all new experiences are good. Not all new things to try are good for you. Some new things might seem like a better way but really is better left alone. Charging onward might not be the best fit. And asking for help is a good option. Nothing wrong with it. In fact, it takes a lot of strength to do things the right way, God’s way.😃❤️


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