No One Bigger Than My Daddy

When we were kids, we played this game of whose Daddy is bigger, stronger, tougher. I always won that game because my Daddy was the strongest, toughest man I ever met in my life. He was a drill sergent and boxing instructor in the Marines, an independent small business farmer and a strong Christian. No one was tougher or more tenacious than my Daddy. My Daddy picked up and moved 500-pound oil drums with just his arm strength. A true work horse, the best they come. And he always stopped to help those with broken down cars and was generous with his money, belongings, mechanical talent and strength. He loved to grow a vegetable garden big enough to feed anyone in the church who wanted to come over and pick them and froze and canned extras for people as well as us.

Well, Daddy went to be with Jesus 5 years ago, as of October 1st coming up. And I realize that I am not left without a Daddy. No Christian is. Everyone who trusts Jesus as their Savior has a Heavenly Daddy God who is bigger than even 50 of my Daddys combined. I am well taken cafe of and eternally secure. No one can take me away from Him. And if you are His, no one can take you from Him either. Our trust is put in the right place when we trust in Him.😃❤️

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