I Know Not

I know not the storms I will drive through or that will beat upon my home when I am fast asleep.

I know not what scoundrel poses as a man of valor that I will meet upon the way.

I know not what temptation will lurk in dark crevasses of my bromen spaces within.

I know not what obstacles I will trip over along the way I must go.

I know not any of these hardships or whether I will meet them at any moment BUT

I know who made Me. I know Whose arms I run to when I am happy or weak or afraid. I know Who heals and teaches and loves me unconditionally. I know Jesus Christ of Nazareth and I am His. So all those other things pale greatly in significance to His light and salt in my life which I can then share also.

I know Whose I am. I know the Great I Am. So I am ok.😃❤️


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