Perfect Much?

I had a thought after reading a very good devotional blog by Christina Crute that I shared. I loved what she aaid in essence/paraphrase, “Practice can’t make perfect, can only make better because we are imperfect beings.” I cannot agree mire and wanted to add my own humble two cents.

I have played the piano since I was 3 years old, which makes my first language music. Although I can play any music put in front of me, I have never played perfectly, which my family frequently reminded me. Evrn on my very best day and performance with notes in perfect place and passion perfect, I would still miss one note. Why? Several reasons.

1. I am a human being and make mistakes, get distracted, rebel against perfection because it is an implausible expectation.

Also, 2. Unless at least one not is out of place, how do you know it is live,it is me playing and bot some recording doctored and fixed. Even studio musicians (which I have done my fair share of) have to fix their music. Live is special and a mistake or two reminds you you are hearing live music.

3. Perfection is only possible in the divine. We are created beings and not God, the Creator. Perfection is a form, then, of idolatry, trying to put ourselves up there as divine beings, gods. This denies the natural order of things. Perfection is an unrealistic expectation and frankly a waste and perversity of time and and energy to pursue.

In addition, 4. The pursuit of perfection is ignorance. We cannot be perfect. We can get better. We can play nearly perfectly. But perfect is unobtainable and the ignorant idea that it is possible to achieve so try by all means necessary sets one up for failure and disappointment. Energy again is wasted. Time thrown away.

Should we pursue improvement? Yes, absolutely. We want to be good stewards of what God has given us for Him. Should we pursue perfection? No, absolutely not.

Just do your best and let God do the rest. And here is the key… when you have done your best for the Lord, your heart is right and it is pleasing in God’s eyes, so be content with that.😃❤

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