Alone With Your Memories

Everyone has good and bad memories. No one is an exception to that. We can often choose which memories to give focus too, and that helps with morale, but sometimes bad memories keep popping back up. When they come, acknowledge them. “Yes, that happened and I have these feelungs about it. It was awful.” But after a bit, we can decide, ” But I choose not to honor that experience with more focus in my life. God is bigger and thank you, God, for getting me through and I know you love me more.”

It takes a very long time to get to this point, in my personal experience, but it will happen with healing- on your own or with a therapist who understands and can give the tools needed- and prayer. God is bigger and loves me more. That is truth and helps motivate healing. Everyone’s experience has different hues but God is just as strong and loving no matter what. There is hope. God is the hope.😃❤


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