🌟 Rest 🤔

Smiles, 2 years ago, God brought me to a place of compulsory rest. I never knew how difficult it can be to truly rest. I mean rest not sleep. 😅 For someone like me that has her head on a active mode both awake and asleep. It can be pretty difficult to truly rest. 🙈 […]

🌟 Rest 🤔

5 thoughts on “🌟 Rest 🤔

  1. God calls us for our greatest good and ultimate path of expansion , love and light . It is better that from our own will , we trust the omniscient or the all knowing limitless divine power . I do not think that God burns eternally in hell or fire because the al-mighty is too benevolent and forgiving or merciful to torture eternally in burning fires and too much pain but the discipline of God or the hard punishment that some might deserve is a way for people to get wiser and better and to be restored to the greatest good of love , light and compassion , all off which are the ultimate path and the eternal life and joy of existence .We can choose how to act and respond , and then we get back what we give . Nothing is permanent except divinity ; all the other things in the world and even the universe can go away and transform into another one but God is everlasting love and absolute infinite being beyond all forms and beyond description and definition .

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    1. There is an eternal punishment for those who reject Jesus Christ as Messiah and Lord. God says that iver and over in His Word but yes, He is very benevolent as to give us chance after chance after chance to be saved. God is full of mercy and grace. He is so good!!!😃❤


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