I Thought Today

I thought today of friends new and old. I thought of people in my life now I never imagined, blog friends too that mean a great deal to me, friends I encourage and many that encourage me. I think of how fascinating the revolving door of friendship here in the present is to me and how I treasure them though many are scattered all over the country or world now.

I thought just now of the end of this world and its rebirth and newness as in original design. One day all we know of the bad stuff will be once and for all gone and God will rebuild this world. Only good will remain. I sure hope that means no mosquitos or bed bugs or ants that bite etc. It will just be so cool to live on a pristine rebuilt earth and most importantly with God here all the time. Wrap around that. What beautiful hope! And we just need to trust and obey until then. We can do anything with God! Just a glorious thought.😃❤❤❤

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