The Healing Heart

My son was despondent, depressed, dejected. His first love has dumped him. He did everything right, carefully, considerately, lovingly, faithfully and for an entire year. (That is a decade at that age!) He lavished gifts and time and attention and encouragement on her. He saw long term.

But there was a problem. She is young, a very weak Christian, immature, not ready for forever. She wants what the world pushes… excitement, sex, a servant putting her first. She could not communicate except in text form or in Snapchat. She was a year older but miles younger in that which counts… moral character and love for God.

See, the real problem was that they were unequally yoked. That happens so often.

But his heart is on the mend. 3 weeks of depression has turned around the corner as he is how seeing the much bigger picture…

There is more to life than one person. And the most important Person to be in a relationship with is God!!!

And now he is talking to a strong Christian girl who is like minded. His heart is on the mend and who knows where God will lead them and together or not. There are many years to determine that.

When we want what God does not wany for us, He will win. Want what He wants and everyone wins.😃❤

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