A Much Better Day

Today, I awoke with love in my heart and lightness of step. I slept like a log. I am dwelling in the peace of forgiveness.

If you did not read, yesterday was off the charts horrible. But I rested in the peace of still being obedient to God in helping my mother in her flat tire crisis. One other thing I had not mentioned. My uncle (my dear Aunt’s husband) died of covid plus cancer. And before he died, I forgave him. He had always ogled me and tried to touch me and I felt very uncomfortable around him growing up. My dad saw it finally and stepped between us loudly menacingly. (Oh how I love and miss my dad.) So this gross, irksome man to me I finally forgave and released entirely from reaponsibility for my discomfort. And he died and I have a clear conscience. I forgave. This is a huge burden lifted.

And God gave me an otherwise beautiful day. Church lifted me further. My kids getting along made me happy. Taking my mom out to lunch for her birthday after church was great. A nice nap after getting home was lovely. Getting the fallen limbs burned was great and finishing mowing was nice. Good swim after and checking on someone for my sister in CA topped off the night. Once back at the house, everyone being yelled at by my angry husband didn’t even bother us. God had made the rest of it just so good. He eventually calmed down as I ignored him entirely, deciding not to let him bring us down.

So, God gave us a wonderful day and I am very, very thankful!!! Praise God!!! May your sleep also be sweet and your day tomorrow be as bright and cheerful!😃❤

2 thoughts on “A Much Better Day

    1. Thank you, my friend. My husband is angry today, but I take each moment with God as my strength and keep praying for wisdom and my son’s healing. Thank you for beautiful, refreshing encouragement!! God bless your day!!😃❤

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