The Slow Build of Faith

Faith is one of my strongest spiritual gifts from God. It was given to me as a child and I survived and thrived under His care of me through my gift of faith. As a young adult, my faith was still strong but not focused only on God but also on men and a job and my band and many things. As an adult and moreso evrry day, my faith has returned to focus on God and leads myself and others to relationship with Him.

I have a friend, a new baby in Christ that has the slowest faith build in history. She did not have faith in God to take care of her so found a man. Shocking, he didn’t. So she came back to God. Now she has a baby in the womb and no income or home. So friends with faith helped her and prayed with her. God provided housing. Yay. Then she starts worrying about money for the attorney for child custody. Her friends with faith prayed with her again. And what do you know, someone out of the blue donated to her the amount of money needed for the attorney. Yay. Then her temporary housing was up and she was worrying about another place to stay. Now she can’t work because she is too far along in her pregnancy. So, her friends (you guessed it) prayed with her. Today, she was offered housing. Yay. Shock shock. Between each of these miracles, she wanted to run elsewhere to save her. Like her memory lasts as far as a blink.

And I realized that is what was meant in the Bible by the low faith, short sitedness of seeing yourself in the mirror and immediately forgetting what you look like when you walk away. It is about not having faith. Not remembering that God took care of you and can again.

God can do anything and happens to love us. Have faith only in Him.😃❤

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