On Public Speaking

So, I heard a study result that the most scary thing in the world for the majority of people is public speaking. That is of all the possible things to be scared of. It is hard to imagine for me as I speak to an audience or large crowd with greater comfort than I speak with a handful of people at a party. But then again, I am built weird.

But let me brag a moment about my 15-year-old son. He was asked to speak to the missions committee at our meeting about his missions trip to Honduras in 2019. And he did not hesitate in saying yes. And he spoke well and with eye contact and meaning. He did a great job. And he is largely an introvert! Proud mom here. So proud of who God is making him!

The thing is, we all have things that are naturally harder to do for us than other things. Everyone is unique and gifted in different ways. But when we care more about pleasing God than people, and when we trust Him, there is absolutely nothing we can not do. “We can do all things through Christ who gives us strength!”😃❤

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