Speaking a Universal Language

Speaking a universal language is easy. It is not English or Latin. It is a spiritual language of the love of God, who made every one of us. God’s love is our universal language because it is in our DNA, His love fingerprint is there in our makeup. Whenever we see a need and meet it, smile at someone down, help them out while putting them before ourselves, hug someone starving for affection, encourage someone ill or in prison of any kind, we are speaking God’s love language to them. And they may not be ready to receive it but they will remember and maybe step closer to God down the road. Or maybe it will ignite their heart to speak God’s love back or to someone else. Who knows where this could go. It is a shame some Olympians are using their platform to speak only hate. True champions speak God’s love. And so we will and see what God does with that gift. 😀❤

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