Eye to Eye Conversations

Our chikdren are losing the ability to have an eye to eye conversation. We and certainly our culture and governing bodies are making this worse on purpose. To control, to not deal with, to selfishly not have to put the time into fixing it. But it has to be done.

1. Put your own tech down. Quit your own addiction first. Limit tech time. Or quit altogether, off all socialism media. Get help if you need it. Put on cell phone limits/controls. Get back to reality.

2. Have eye to eye conversations with your children. With no tech. At least 15 minutes at a time. You will find kids prefer this.

3. Have eye to eye conversations with adults in front of them. Maybe ask someone to dinner. Model it. Show them how it works and what can be accomplished by it.

4. Encourage them to put the tech down. Give a healthy alternative in sports, a hobby, a friendship in person, work to do, ways to serve, chores.

In doing these things and putting the effort in, we can break this unhealthy cycle and tech addiction in our homes. One family at a time we can be healthier. We can be more morally strong with our priorities. We can do anything with God. Let’s get closer to Him together.😀❤

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