How Words Meanings Have Been Changed

My daughter and I read the classics together. Louisa May Alcott (Little Women, Little Men), Rudyard Kipling (Captain Courageous), Gene Stratton Porter (Freckles, Girl of the Limberlost), Jane Austin (Pride and Prejudice), and Frances Hodgson Burnett (The Little Princess), Mark Twain (Tom Sawyer) and so on. We noticed something. Words are being used to mean something quite different.

For instance “gay” meant happy and joyous in all those books. It is innocent and jovial. And my daughter hears this word as a foul word involving someone’s stupid sexual practices, like we care. They have stolen a very good word to mean something ugly I would rather not know, to bring attention to themselves. And everyone has allowed that excellent word to be hijacked.

Of course slang is notoriously moronic, where “bad” is good and “dope” is great. So many other examples. Why are we so quick to allow words to be changed or distorted? They are good words and should not be let go of so quickly. Let them make up a new word or learn to use them correctly. It is us letting them distort words that allows it to continue happening until words no longer mean anything, as if we were all suddenly politicians.😀❤

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