Uncommon Sense

“Common sense isn’t so common anymore.” I am sutr you have heard people say that. I have also heard, “When we were young, everyone had common sense and now they just don’t.” So, I am calling it “uncommon sense” then. But I believe the Bible calls it “wisdom”. It is different than knowledge, as it is applied to real life. It is the application of knowledge in a beneficial way at the right time that makes it wisdom and a very good and wonderful thing.

Born and raise to be naive, the best way I found personally to receive uncommon sense or wisdom was to ask God for it and read the Bible. And to this day, God has increased my wisdom so much that you would never know I was born and raised naturally naive. I am relatively wise now because I prayed and sought wisdom and was granted some.

I believe the second part of uncommon sense or wisdom is application of truth. And herein lies the biggest reason it is on the outs. Truth is hard to come by these days. The architect of lies enemy has so muddied the waters that unless the Bible is involved in some capacity, full truth cannot be found and thus applied. And wisdom cannot exist without application of truth at the appropriate time and extent for the occasion.

But that is my synopsis. I believe it to be accurate. I also believe we who have been given wisdom to whatever degree should use that for the glory of God and be the light in the dark world.😀❤

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