Tons of Help

Ok, so my son isn’t quite this buff, but he is very strong now. He comes by it honestly, my father was the strongest man I know of and I am extremely strong for a woman. So we are quite popular with lifting jobs other men seem to be incabable of helping with. We are personally witnessing a neglect of strong men to step up and help widows, women, food banks, etc. So when we see strong men stepping up to help, it is exciting and encouraging. There will always be needs for lifting. This morning, we are swapping a broken for a working lift chair for my mom. We will do this. But older people need help and often we do it because we 1. Talk to people to find out their needs and 2. Are willing to help and 3. Often their kids/grandkids are too busy to help. Aren’t we all busy? Food for thought, maybe help with your strength while it remains. We are not strong forever and we may be the ones needing help later.😀❤

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