Tackling the Tough Subject of Abortion

So many people are talking about it lately. Rightly so. We should all be talking about it and in an uproar demanding the rights of a baby in a womb to matter as much as the rights of a baby outside of the womb.

The topic of abortion hits home for us. My husband’s ex-wife, when he was married to her, had two abortions without his permission. They divorced over it. Being raised in the Catholic Christian faith, he detested that she had murdered his children without a discussion, without a care in the word because she did not want to change her lifestyle.

I grew up in a Christian school and agreed to take a girl home from school. When I dropped her off, she had been bragging to me that she has had sex with all these men and if she gets pregnant, she just gets an abortion. She had had 7 without her parents even knowing. She was 16 at the time. This hit me hard. I hated her nonchalant attitude toward her parents, her own body, her babies. Life was a temporary feel good time. No responsibility. No consequences. No fear of God.

I believe that is the biggest problem with abortion. It is shaking a fist at God who made each and every one of us in existence. And the danger is that the fist is shaken in the moment and keeps being shaken in thr moment and no thought is taken to the next. What happens next?

A coward can destroy someone defenseless. Bravery figures out how to do it through the fear.

But a baby is not really defenseless. It seems that way. But God is that baby’s defender and God will avenge the mom, the doctor, the judge that approved of it, the politician that touts it, thr crowd that does not defend that baby, the nation that tolerates the murder. And people wonder why Obama/Biden was allowed to steal the election, how the globalists were allowed to buy every judge, how politicians stole their seats and are still stealing from us, how our freedoms are allowed to be removed in a silent America that is complaicent. How do we reverse such horrors as we are experiencing? Can it be done?

Yes. We, as a nation, repent. Every mother repents of the horrible choice to kill God’s masterpiece of a person inside them. Every judge overturns abortion rulings. Every person who stood by and let it happen apologizes and does better. Every politician serves the people instead of themselves. Every fist shaken at God is lowered as that person bows humbly instead. The 10 Commandments are put back into every school, public building and courtroom. Those pushing evil are held accountable to the fullest extent of the law. Fear God.

The heart of abortion is the evil shaking of the fist at God. With so many doing this, God will not remain silent for long. There will be God to face. It will happen whether you believe it or not. It is truth.❤

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