May We Always Remember

Many great men died for us and our freedoms and right to worship freely and speak freely and bear arms freely and love freely. They showed love in its purest form, thr Godly form of saceifice. It was a live which put our freedom before their own. I no longer say “Happy Memorial Day” for it should never be a happy day, it should be a day of contemplation. Gratitude. Remembrance. Love. Freedom. It is a spit in the face of these courageous men to not do so. And we must continue the example they gave us. We must always be ready to do our part to sacrifice for freedoms of those who cannot. We must never jand over the freedoms so many great men died to protect. It would be disrespectful, dishonorable, flippant, cowardly. May we remember tomorrow. May we never forget them. We owe them everything. May we always remember.❤🌹🗽🌹❤

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