Ready for Worship Again

I took a year and a half off of music ministry in order to grow, heal and strengthen my walk with Christ, as well ad get to know some people in church and attend Bible study. It has been healthy and excellent to do so.

Ever so cautiously, I am ready to be a part of leading music worship again. I will do one month on and two off so as to continue being a part of study but also help. This also helps me because I can worship while I play and sing.

I believe it is good to use your talents for the Lord. Whatever talent or talents, as the case may be, that you have should be used for the kingdom of God. It is just that simple. Sometimes we need breaks and yhat is ok. But when are rested and strong again, we need to get back in there and serve the Lord with gladness. Otherwise, we do not use our talents for Him and we will be held accountable for that some day. 😃❤

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