The Weirdo I Am and Why Faith is Key

This would be a great book title for my autobiography. Indulge my objective narcissism for a moment. I wish to make an observation based upon life experience so there is a point with the earnest intention of helping someone.

In a tiny hospital in the middle of February in Michigan, was birthed thjs little baby girl that God built into self-confidence and fearlessness. Always more curious than fearful, always confident even as a “chunky” girl in a time when skinny was the norm. How did this happen? The two go together. Fearlessness/faith was my biggest spiritual gift and it showed itself in encouragement because I was not insecure or inconfident. I could treat others well because I did not care what other people thought about me. Most other people care what others think about them because they are fearful someone won’t like them.(As a side note, what would that hurt anyway?)

To live in fear is to not practice faith. Yes, faith may come easier to some than others, but like everything, we can improve with practice. And when God is who you rely on and trust, fear becomes a choice at the door you can say no to. Then comes freedom. Freedom to express confidence, encourage others, speaking up, sharing, exploring.

Briefly, courage is doing the right thing even when afraid. People called me courageous. They were wrong. I was unafraid so it took no courage. When faith is developed, courage is unnecessary because the fear is not viable. But if faith is still being developed and practiced in you, courage is a great tool.

Caring what others think and insecurity are products of fear. For some it is innate. So courage and faith building exercises and practice will be necessary. Here is one exercise. Find a person and say “Hello, what a great day,” with a smile and don’t expect a response but be ok with it. If your first time, try with an older person or friendly-looking person. When that results in a smile or nice comment, congratulations, you practiced courage and now have a little bigger faith and less fear. When a problem arises, pray first then work on it. When God helps you and the problem is solved, congratulations, bigger faith and less fear. 😃❤

Matthew 9:22 “Jesus turned and saw her. “Take heart, daughter,” he said, “your faith has healed you.” And the woman was healed at that moment.”

2 thoughts on “The Weirdo I Am and Why Faith is Key

  1. Great post, Tonya. As frequently happens, we have been pondering the same thoughts.
    If we are fearful, then we are not showing faith.
    Our Father is so pleased when we trust Him. 🤗

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