The Cat and Mouse Game

My daughter drew this cat quickly on the white board at church, waiting for her perpetually late teacher to arrive for class (as a side note: be on time, people- it is rude to be late all the time). I thought what a pretty picture. Then I saw it has some pink on its mouth. I looked closer and saw the mouse. She explained that the cat was happy because it had caught a mouse. Ah.

We can often play the same game, can’t we? I tend to be happiest when my husband is actually nice to me and I can hold a wee bit of anger in my mouth and smile. Instead of realizing immediately the refreshing freedom and stress-lessness that arises from forgiveness- because we have been jerks to God or His created people and He has forgiven us for it. It is really rude at best and unforgivable at horribly worst to not forgive and the faster the better (but better late than never). I believe this allows us the proper level of contrition for a close relationship with God.

So stop enjoying that anger and unforgiveness and set it down at God’s feet and forgive right now. We will be forgiven as we forgive. So do it quickly. Give it up. You will smile for a much better reason… freedom!😃❤

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