Change of Plans

So for Mothers’ Day, whatever that means for me, we went to church and got to see our precious brothers and sisters in the faith. Then Bob Evans with Mom and watering the poor wilty plants in the garden. Realized I suddenly have 3 more big cucumbers almost ready, yay! Also saw 2 more tee leaf plant shutes sprouting, yay! And cut some sweet basil for later. Next, we got to go to Mayfaire with the kids after all, yay! So got my art fix. Then we got ice cream and I had two free cones, yay! When we got home I stewed the above tomatoes I had stored up and froze them for future use. Laundry finished, I am a new, refreshed woman. I did not get a nap, so will sleep well tonight.

And all that to say that God worked all of it out and blessed me enormously today!!! God is so very good and when we trust in Him explicitly, He never disappoints. 😃❤

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