High School Drama Continues

In high school, there are “popular” kids, the jocks, the bullies, nerds, geeks, the bullied, the weird art kids, the skateboarders, the rebels, the teacher’s pet, the teachers, the principal, the janitor and so on. They play this elaborate drams throughout the years forced to be together.

It seems like the rest of life for a good many people are a continuation of these little drama games. Politics are very much included in this high school drama continuation. And they want as many as possible to be in on the drama because it is familiar to them and they feel they can control more that way.

And I never fit in at high school and I don’t fit in now. And I have always loved that. I prefer to mature and spiritually transcend the shallow worldly high school drama people get stuck in. None of this world and their game matters. What matters is God. He matters. He is on the throne. We must break free of the drama game this world demands we play and grow close to God.😃♥️

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