Flat Tire

Well, in waiting until January for new tires, it worked. It is January. And new tires are required. So be it. The good news is that my son was with me and changed the tire to the spare for me. Yay! Now I am positive he can do that so my concern for his driving will just be that much better.

So, I am watching this senate race and it is easy to lose my cool. So hard for me to believe so many Americans are so far gone as to vote for any socialists/progressives/globalists at all under any circumstances. Boils my red, white and blue blood. That pathetic excuae for a mi ister clown congress had in there dishonoring God and mocking Him also will be punished, no doubt. You do not mock God and especially so when you are supposed to be representing the people of America. Can make me so angry and does often.

But, and this is a big “but”, I had a talk with the Lord, who is still in charge. And He is still in charge. There is a Master plan and I am sad for these people who are mocking Him because their future does not look too good right now. God will not be mocked. Justice will be done. Votes are known by Him. We should always know that. We need to remember that God is still in charge and our goal is always to be as close to Him as possible. And that b is what I am going to do. God bless us all!!😄❤

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