Blessings Abound When Looking For Them

I was told by a lot of mature women to “Count your blessings” when I had asked them how they made it through so happy. Being an Audiologist, largely with geriatric patients, I have had a lot of patients who loved to talk as much as I loved their stories.

Women and men who made it through and out of the consentration camps told me they survived because when the war ended, they thanked God for their lives and looked for the best in life. Womens and men told me they got through the depression by doing the best with what they had, bartering, helping each other and counting their blessings. Veterans survived wars after losing.brothers in arms by remembering them and looking for the best.

There is a theme here. Counting our blessings.

Counting our blessings seems so easy once you start but starting can be blocked by distractions and impositions. But the heart of it is optimism/hope. Many mature Christians have told me there is no such thing as a pessimistic Chriatian. The longer I walk with the Lord, the more I see that truth. Truly, we have the hope of Christ in our souls, hearts and minds. One day we will be in heaven for eternity with Jesus! How can we be pessimistic with that knowledge? Impossible!

So today try to count your blessings. Name them one by one. Start now.😄❤

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