God is Working

Those who think God is far off and inaccessible are very incorrect or blinded by some bias or flawed line of thinking. I see God working. I see Him working in the hearing allowed by Pennsylvania, who fear God and believe in fairness, a true vote and freedom. This hearing allowed proof of fraud to be presented formally, where a one sided concerted socialistic propoganda effort has been made to limit any opposition to this widespread voter fraud. Nothing to see here. I see God working to get truth out. Who else can do this? Every media outlet, tech company, other countries is putting money into this effort, buying off judges even who should be ashamed of themselves, and silenced those in opposition. When word cannot get out, who but God could make this hearing happen? Who but God could allow truth to be heard over overwhelming odds in suppression and lying? God is the only One strong enough to do this. I see Him working and give Him praise for it.

God is also working in my friend and family’s lives. I see Him working there actively. He certainly answers prayers in faith. I have had friends healed quickly, have children returned to them, have had marriages headed for divorce healed, had hearts that were immovable and hard as stone soften enough to be saved and so many other things. God is busy and active in our lives and answers every humble prayer.

Thank you and praise be to God!!!!😄❤

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