Uniquely Lighter Note

In such a dense atmosphere, I feel we need a bit of levity. So I will attampt to teach amazing truths in a weird way, which suits me to smile.

In a wafer world, be an oreo.

If you must dance, do not do so aside a cliff.

If insulted, first cross the bridge then send back the crocodile.

Never fight when you can hug but never hug a lion… God made guns for a reason.

If two rhinocerous wish to fight, get off the grass first or it will suffer.

Never underestimate an opponent, take the ink of an octopus for example.

A chameleon will change color to blend in but do not believe it will stay that way.

Right any wrong in your path but make the first right be against the wrongs within yourself.

A goat can only be trusted until it puts its head down… do not believe it is praying.

A dog is the best friend of the one who feeds it. Do not feed it and it will seek company elsewhere.

Do not criticize a man unless you have walked a mile in his shoes. Then you may criticize because you are a mile away and you have his shoes. (Then return them because we are Christians. Lol)

Watch the eyes of a predator. It keeps it’s prey in its sights.

Just because people want you to do something does not always mean you should.

Smile today. Think and laugh. God bless you!😄❤

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