I Stay Because God Stays With Me

Everyone in a marriage has wanted to leave at one point or another, especially when an illness or sin sickness is involved. It is impossible to take it all and happily remain all the time. I have wanted to take my kids and leave many times. I never did. I stay. Because it is easy? No. Because it n is the right thing to do and what I myself willingly committed to. My friend’s husband decided to leave. I see the pain in her and the kids. He just felt like going, fresh start with another woman he met online. Really? Bye bye, responsibility, commitment. Who suffers? Every single person. Why do you think God hates it? If you just stick with it, it gets better. Never ideal, of course because that is only in the first year and a half infatuation stage and then again in heaven. But it becomes bearable most days and even enjoyable once in a while. But I stay and I am proud of myself for doing it and very blessed because of how close God has always stayed with flawed little me.❤

2 thoughts on “I Stay Because God Stays With Me

  1. When we leave we see how much it affects the next generation, and possibly the generations after that. There are certainly situations when people should go but we also need to weigh up the side-effects for our kids (like chronic insecurity, difficulties with loving and trusting etc) Everything we do affects others.

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    1. Yes! There are times to go for sure, like when in physical danger. Definitely. I just want people to remember the effects where physical danger is not present. It affects everyone so much. I agree so much!❤

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