Invaluable Faithfulness

God is faithful.

From my experience, faithfulness is not the priority it once was. There are grown men cheating on their wives with porn (lusting after someone is adultery via Matthew 6). There are men and women flirting all over the place. There are people dressing suggestively with a spouse at home. There is noncommitment. There are people turning their back on God and church. There are people ignoring their responsibilities unless something is in it for them. There are people voting for socialism, turning their backs on their American Heritage and many former Americans who died for them to be free.

Faithfulness. We desperately need to be faithful. We need to faithful in prayer, in responsibility, in love, in Bible study, in service. How is faithfulness accomplished, when faithlessness seems to be so natural?

Faithfulness is a fruit of the Holy Spirit. It is a result of closeness to God. That is it. We cannot be faithful without the Lord’s help. We are weak in our sinful humanity and must rely on the goodness and salvation of the Lord. Faithfulness is sorely needed and deeper than that is that it reflects the heart. We must be close to God. This requires our selfish pride to step down and focus on God. It is necessary, and we must start today. Pray and read your Bible today. Each today you get to, do the same thing.❤

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